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Subject: [IP] Re:Calling out for advice and help

Hi Lori,
Those numbers look just like what happens to Jenna with a high fat meal.
And a big, thick layer of cheese does seem to be the biggest culprit, though
a nice steak also gives her problems.  The rise usually starts 4-6 hours
after the meal, and just kind of keeps going up.

After much experience, when she's had one of those delightful high fat /
high protein meals, I've quit having panic attacks.  I usually don't change
infusion sites - just keep pushing the insulin.  Also, I use temp basal
rates aggressively in those situations.  I've found for Jenna, that once the
rise starts, she needs about 160% temp basal (0.3 units per hour more than
her 0.5 unit per hour basal rate) for about 4-6 hours to counteract a good,
fatty meal.  We do an infusion site change if it's about time anyways
(within 24 hours), if the site looks bad, or if her sugars aren't responding
to the extra insulin.  We only do shots if she's got ketones, or she elects
to wait for the EMLA to work before changing an infusion site that's being
changed in response to a high-and-not-responding sugar.  But, mostly after a
meal like you describe, I just roll my eyes, figure I'm in for a long night,
and keep correcting - it comes down eventually when all that fat finally
clears the system.   She doesn't eat that way often, but we don't forbid it,
just deal with it as a "special occasion."

Nancy Morgan

<<We ended up at Pizza Hut but Ryan
did not eat pizza he ate chicken wings and Poutine(fries,gravy,cheese) then
he had a little bit of ice-cream. They had no
nutritional facts so there we were to guess. Had no clue for ice-cream or
the putine as he has not ate this before.Anyway this is what happened.
10:00pm  16.3 or 293.4 us
1:30 am  21.9 or 394.2    Bolused 2 units
2:15am   14.8    266.4
3:15am   15.2    273.6    Bolused 1 unit
4:15am   11.8    212.4
9:00am    9.4    169.2
So I wonder was the site not working so well anymore or was it from such a
fatty meal that he kept climbing and was so hard to bring down or was I way
off with the bolus for the high sugar?At what point do you not bolus and use
injection by needle?I stopped bolusing at 11.8 because I was afraid of
giving too many then he would crash.Should I have done things different any
help would be great so the next time I will be more prepared >>

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