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[IP] Soon 2B Pumping

Brian's MM 508 came last week - and he can't wait to get started.
Every day he asks if this is the day he gets to start pumping (I hope
his enthusiasm lasts!)  We are scheduled to go in for training on April
4th.  They want me and Brian to wear saline pumps for a few days - and
then they will switch Brian to insulin.

At 4, he is the youngest child they have ever put on a pump.  At our
last endo visit, I asked whether she thought we might need to dilute the
H - she didn't think so, but I'm curious what other parents have
experienced.  Brian is about 45" tall and weighs 44 lbs.

I also asked her what Velosulin was - she had never heard of it.  I have
seen in referenced in this site, and from what I gather, it seems to be
a cross between H and R...is that even close?

The last question I have regards packing clothes to take to Reno for our
training (and for life thereafter!).  The CDE asked if we had purchased
the "harness" for Brian to wear - we haven't - do you guys recommend
it?  How do your young 'uns wear their pumps?  I figured Brian would
usually just wear it on a belt, but would really appreciate all

Oh - and one other thing (sorry this is so long)...Has anyone had any
experience with the MM Sports Guard?  It is supposed to be waterproof
to 10 feet, and I thought it would perfect for Brian at the beach (we
live on a lake and spend many long summer days near the water).  But our
MM rep cautioned against going into water with an IV site in place.  Our
water is very clean in the mountains, but he wasn't sure he would
recommend swimming anywhere with even the insertion set in due to risk
of infection.  He sent us a free Sports Guard anyway, but didn't really
recommend using it.  Any comments on this?    (He also sent us Max, the
MiniMed Moose free.  It's a cute beanie baby with a pump sewn on - Max's
"birthday" is the same day Brian was dxd - Brian loves Max!)

Thanks - Laurie, mom to Brian 4, dxd 12-1-98 and Keith 7

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