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[IP] discoveries

Howdy Ya'll,
Paddy is  STILL not on pump, but wanted to share a victory anywho! :)

I have been finagling with his insulin etc all on my own since present
endo is a weenie(sorry, but true) and I have discovered:

He MUST have  4N (3 is too little, 5 is too much)at night, after

We had been doing P.E. homeschooling 1 hr after breakfast(after math)
but he has not felt like it for a couple of days, so he has shot
WAAAAAAY up then dropped WAAAAAAy down by lunch.

If he IS going to exercise, he needs 7-8 R plus two carbs and 1 pro. If
he is NOT going to , he can only have 1 carb 1 protein, with 8R.

He needs 13 N at brk but no more

No lunch shot needed, period.

Dinner 5R is just right for 6-7 pm, but lousy for 5pm.

MUCH smaller meals required than dietician had been suggesting, but more
frequent snacks.  We are not grazing, but he seems to have a 1.5 hour
tolerance, then he really needs at least half a carb.  Anyone else like
this, or do you think it is the roller coaster of R and NPH peaking and
I think it would be better if his meal/snack intervals were 1.5 hours
rather than 2 hrs, so that is how I have been trying to do it, but since
he is having better during the night numbers, he is sleeping bettter and
getting up earlier, so that would mean dinner at about 4-pm!  LOL  NOT!  
Suggestions until the pump?

NO KETONES!!!!!!!!!!

I know none of this matters to anyone but us, but I am so proud of
figuring out stuff the doctor could and would not for the past 22
months!  DANG I wish I had had this group a LOOOONG time ago!

Thanks for listening, and thank you VERY much for all of the emails of
encouragement and advice!  Ya'll are terrific!

Waiting to be struck by lightning for crowin' so loudly.  And knowing
that I  have just jinxed it all and will have to come back and report
ketones and levels of 500 soon  LOL,

Charisma :)
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