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Re: [IP] Women only- above the age of 21

Sorry in advance for getting so in-depth about my sex life!! :)

I find that depending on what sexual position I am in, I may not have to 
take the pump off.  For example, (and I'll try not to tell TOO much!!) if 
I'm on top of my boyfriend, sitting on a chair or couch or something, my 
pump can stay on and sit nicely on the couch right next to me.  If we're 
feeling a little more wound up and we're rolling around, I feel it's better 
to just take the pump off and bolus accordingly.  Of course, at times like 
those, I find I burn more sugar than at times when I'm not as "active" so I 
don't really need the pump on, it's like I'm exercising on the treadmill or 
something.  Of course, the pump has fallen down the couch cushions at times 
and trying to fish it out when you've got better things to do at the moment 
is a bit of a "mood-killer," so I tend to take the pump off at all times.  I 
don't have to, but now I do.  Hope this helps!  Kelly
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