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[IP] Re: (no subject)

> Michael wrote:
> <<Basal rates usually run 25-35% of total daily requirements for
> those not "honeymooning".>>

Yes, my comments were pretty unclear. I did not mean that the MDI 
insulin requirements were to be used as the 25-35% number to start, 
rather that was a typical basal percentage of total pump insulin 
for an established pumper. Barbara's guidelines are a much clearer 
statement about estimating starting basals for an MDI patient going 
on the pump.

email @ redacted wrote:
> We usually started with 25% less for adults, not 25% of the daily
> total. Some guidelines for children start with 40% less. If also
> calculated by wt, then 0.1 per pound, and the lower of the 2
> calculations is a starting point. I think John Walsh will have some
> newer calculations in the new edition. ( I have reviewed them and
> sent back comments.) You might want to check with him. Another
> source is the ADA's Intensive Management booklet. :<) Barbara B.  
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