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Re: [IP] Kids and basals

> "Pumping Insulin" only has guidelines for 100 pounds or more.

Basal rates estimates are generally based on total insulin 
requirements. Total requirements can be estimated from the body mass 
of the individual for "adults". For kids there are many other 
factors, but the estimating process is the same. Basal rates usually 
run 25-35% of total daily requirements for those not "honeymooning". 
Since insulin requirement for many people drop when they begin 
pumping, basal estimates are more safely guessed on the low end. In 
any event, the estimates are just a starting point and a basal 
profile is necessary to establish an accurate set of basal rates. The 
procedure for that is pretty much the same without regard to age. 
Basals can be tweaked by looking at the pattern of highs and lows, 
but that is more difficult than actual measurement (which is not easy 

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