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Subject: [IP] Anthony...first week on the pump!

What kind of a "pump protocol" do they want?  Jenna is so independent with
the pump (5th grade) that I told the school all she needed was a private
place to check out any problems if they arise, and if she didn't know what
to do, to let her call me.  I figure that she knows way more about the pump
than they do, and if she can't figure it out, I don't want the school folks,
who haven't got a clue about the pump, trying to tell her what to do.  Our
middle school (the one Jenna will attend next year) has their first 2
pumpers in 6 th grade this year - and all I hear from the teachers is that
they forget that Brad and Lindsay are even diabetic, 'cause they do
everything that everyone else does.  So, I think that your district's
"protocol" should be to leave Anthony alone!

Nancy Morgan

<<Now only if we can get his school district to get their act together.
don't have a pump protocol, and the district doctor is suggesting that to
solve all their "problems" with Anthony and the pump, is to hire a full
time aide (babysitter!) to follow him everywhere next year while attending
middle school.  NO WAY!>>

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