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Subject: [IP] opposite of 500 bloodsugar-LONG

Hi Mag,
I don't know why it happens, but I do know that Jenna goes on 2-3 week
"streaks" of low blood sugars, without any particular change in anything.
Just differences in hormones or something.  But, I do know that vigorous
exercise can make her stay low for hours.  We went hiking one day last
fall - nothing terribly strenous - decreased the lunch bolus, and started on
the hike,  Within 20 min she was low, ate EVERYTHING we brought, and bummed
some snacks from a friend who went with us as well, and stayed low the whole
hike, the rest of that day, and into the night as well.  And when she does
her summer week of gym camp (8 hours a day of gymnastics), she runs on about
50% basal the whole week, not just during camp hours. The muscles just keep
running on high speed for a while afterward.

I don't know about fish oil capsules, but I give Jenna a multivitamin.  I do
know that when she's taking her vitamin faithfully, her sugars are a bit
lower, and more predictable, than when we get slack about the vitamins.  So
there may be something to it.

Nancy Morgan

<<Matt had an extremely vigourous wrestling
workout, ... That's when the low's started.........i had to treat almost
1.5hrs through the night. Since
then i've had to reduce Matt's overall basal and up his carb ratio!  , Matt
just started an omega 3 oil
supplement, in the form of DHA,(docosahexaenoic Acid) and i'm wondering if
that's causing lower bloodsugars. I did read something
a long while ago about Flaxseed Oil, which is also omega 3, lowering
bloodsugar levels. >>

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