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Re: [IP] Weighing food for carb counting

> How in the heck does weighing something allow you to count the carbs
> in it??????That just sounds crazy.  I'm sure that 48 gms of Lasagna
> and 48 gms of fruit rollups do not weigh the same.  Byt the way 3
> fruit roll ups have 48 gms of carbs.  Where did you guys learn that
> from. 

Each foodstuff has a "carb factor" that you can use to multiply the 
weight or volume to determine the carb content of a particular 

Example: most bread has a carb factor of 0.50
so 10 grams of bread x 0.50 would yield 5 grams of carbohydrate.

On a package uncooked spagetti or lasgagna there would be a statement 
that a serving size is (say maybe) 56 grams or 2oz (by weight) and 
that contained 40 grams of carb (this is pretty typical). This isn't 
very useful since no-one eats dry pasta. However, if you cook a pound 
of the stuff, you will find it usually yields 7 cups (about) of 
cooked pasta by volume.

Some simple math will get the result you want.

The package contained 8 servings at 40 grams each, so the whole 
package contains 320 grams of carb. If you eat a cup of the pasta, 
your carb intake would be 320 divided by 7, or 46 grams of carbo.

Similarly, a cup of milk is about 13 grams of carbo. You could weigh 
the milk, I suppose, a cup is about 227 grams by weight which would 
give milk a carb factor of about 0.057

Hope that's not too confusing.

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