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[IP] trying to improve

Let me ask you this, Holly - when someone told you that it was
needed to test the blood sugar eight times a day while in the
pump, did you say... "WOW!" ?

Ok. And if I tell you that I do NOT have one carb ratio, but I do
have a generic one?

During the morning normally the carb ratio is the smallest
throughout the 24 hour-day. Each person has his/her own profile,
and I built mine. So if  have breakfast at 5:30 my carb ratio will be
one, if I have breakfast at 7:00 the carb ratio will be another one,
and the same for lunch, dinner or snack. It's amazing how it works
so well for me.

I developed an easy-to-use software and I just need to know how
many carbs I am eating at that time and my blood sugar level.
The program tells me the required amount of insulin.

Here they go - seven tips to achieve good control:

TEST blood sugar 8 to 10 times a day (when eating AND 1.5 hour
after AND when feeling different); AVOID eating big quantities of
protein (meat, cheese); CLEAN the tubing air bubbles off each
morning; CHANGE the infusion site after 72 hour-using; SET the
basal rates, ratios and blood sugar level target well; PAY ATTENTION
for the carbohydrate quantity; and ENGINEER the forecasting about
bolus throughout the day.

Hope it can help.

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Jose, we've moved from 1:12 ration to 1:10.  I assume that is
what you meant?  I maybe said it backwards.  Thanks, Holly

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