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[IP] Bad night and first shot for 1-1/2 years

Just need to vent.  Last night was horrible.  I guess in some ways it was my own
fault.  I forgot to look at my insulin reserve and at 6am (being in college, I really
don't like waking up on Saturday mornings) I heard the no delivery alarm and realized
that my reservior was pretty much on empty.  I had to pee (I'm not sure how long the
alarm had been going off--I'm a pretty heavy sleeper) so when I got back from that I
checked my bg: 382!!!  I haven't been that high in awhile.  So then, sitting at my
dorm-room desk, I looked up to where I usually keep my room temperature insulin and
realized I had no room temperature Humalog, so I got out a bottle, and took a shot (I
had almost forgotten how to do that).  Then I set my alarm clock for an hour and woke
up, hoping my insulin would be at room temperature by then.  I reloaded and went back
to sleep.  When I woke up for good this morning, my bg was back to normal:114.  What a

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