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[IP] free stuff &/or donations...

Hey guys,
    I need a bit of help...I am running a support group for diabetic children at the elementary school I am now working at...Thank goodness there are only 3 newly diagnosed kids.  I was thinking about having a meeting where I would supply a lot of different diabetic supplies so the kids could look at them and try some of the stuff out...what do you think?  All 3 of the kids parents are interested in looking into the pump but at this point all 3 kids are still on injections.  MiniMed gave me some tapes and info. packs so I have distributed them to the parents.  The reason I'm posting is for a bit of help...I need some "stuff".  I'm looking for alcohol swabs, syringes, strips, etc...so the kids can see and try all the different things that are on the market.  I'd buy them myself  BUT a teacher's salary doesn't lend itself to that idea.  Anyone willing to send me some stuff?  I'm willing to pay any shipping & handling.  I have a couple old glucose meters I'm going to see if they are still operational and I may let the kids have those...if anyone has an old meter they don't use, I'd take that too!   =)   Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Please e-mail me directly at email @ redacted   Thanks-Tonya