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Re: [IP] Weighing food for carb counting

My best reason for wanting a scale in the house is that when I discuss the
accuracy or not of my carb counting with dieticians, especially re: stuff
that comes in different sizes (e.g. fresh fruit) there is less stress and
uncertainty induced in me if I can say that I occassionally weigh stuff like
this so I'm pretty sure I'm counting them right.  Otherwise, I've had people
bring out their plastic models and say: 'Are you sure the orange was this
size?", and I'm not a person who is visual enough to swear that an orange I
ate three days ago was exactly x % larger or smaller than the model.

I have a lot of experience with dieticians over 46 years of diabetes.  I had
this same experience with the exchange lists as well.  A reasonably accurate
gram scale, used occassionally, gives me more confidence in my own numbers.

Stuff like rice, where 1/3 c dry is 1/3 c dry, don't admit this kind of
ambiguity.  But 15 little grapes, or 15 big grapes have a lot of variation
in the amount of carbs you should count.

As always, YMMV.  Just my take on this.

Kathy Trondsen

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