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Re: [IP] Pancreas Tonic

Gaye Thomsen wrote:
> I have to say we tried pancreas tonic, and we saw no change in
> Michelle. 

I wouldn't expect to see any change -- ANY "tonic" in a Type 1 is like
whuppin' a dead horse!

It's (remotely) possible that some supplements may help Type 2's who
have a lot of pancreatic function -- and good nutrition is always a good
idea, but I'm still pretty suspicious of anything that can be sold over
the counter.

There has been a recall of some Chinese "herbs" that on analysis turned
out to have metformin, and another I-don't-remember PRESCRIPTION drug
hidden in them. I remember reading the label of an "herbal" decongestant
used by an acquaintance who was a true-believer in herbal and
homeopathic remedies -- turned out to have pseudo-ephedrine listed right
there on the label -- no wonder it worked!!!! NOT due to the herbs
whatsoever at all!

Personally, if I'm going to take something that is actually effective, I
want  quality control. Perfection doesn't exist, but I SURELY don't want
to be taking drugs that I don't even know are there!  
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