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Re: [IP] Pancreas Tonic

My doctor, Alan L. Rubin, M. D., wrote in "Diabetes for Dummies" a chapter
about 'What Doesn't Work When You're Treating Diabetes.'  One item is
Pancreas Formula, which I assume is the same as Pancreas Tonic, but I may
very well be wrong.  Anyway, what he said about pancreas formula is this:

"Pancreas formula is sold on the Internet as a mixture of herbs, vitamins,
and minerals that help diabetes.  No clinical or experimental evidence shows
that pancreas formula does anything of value in the human body.  The claims
that are made for this "treatment" are not supported by factual evidence.
Look for references in respected journals, and you will not find them.  Save
your money."

There are all kinds of hucksters out there trying to convince you to spend
money on their miracle cures and drugs.  But what I think is, if it worked,
doctors would be recommending it and you'd hear about it from them.

Most doctors do care more about your welfare than about their own bottom
line.  That's been my experience anyway.


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