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Re: [IP] Exercise and Set placement

In a message dated 2/24/00 9:24:28 PM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< I'm new to the pump and have a few questions regarding exercise. I know
 I probably shouldn't insert a set in my thigh on jogging days, but how
 in the buttocks? So far I've used only abdomen sights but see that I'll
 need to use others also. Arm sights aren't good due to lots of manual
 labor, digging post holes by hand etc... That would probably be like
 injecting in a thigh then running for 30 min.  I'd love to hear of
 others experience with different sites and exercise.
 Scott, age 37, dxd 11/81, pumping since 1/25/00 >>
I haven't too many problems in my thighs, and I walk on the tread mill daily. 
But my thighs may be on the flabby side. Maybe try the inner thigh. That 
seemed to work better for me.

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