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[IP] Re:Might quit pumping!!!!!

Hi all,
Just a question maybe someome can answer. I met a lady who has only been 
pumping 3 weeks now but today when I talked to her she has allmost given up 
on the pump. She said it hurts where she has her set in the abdomen. It is a 
constant ache not just when she inserts it. She has not had no infections 
and sites look good and blood sugars are good just has the pain. She said 
her Endo was going to get her to try velosulin and if that does not work I 
think she will quit. Is velosulin to make the sites last longer or am I 
wrong? Any one know why she would be having pain. I think she uses the 
silouettes. Some kind that go in on an angle from MM.Maybe someone can help 
I hate to see her stop the pump so quick.She said she does not use her arms 
because they are too sensitive. Any help would be great.
Lori mom to
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