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[IP] Re: Take a deep breath

Hi I too had second thoughts if I wanted my son to go on the pump. I did not 
want some needle staying inside of him,how would he like having it attached 
all the time and so on.Well I went a head with it after all my fighting to 
get one and let me tell you it is great. It has only been a couple of weeks 
now but it is amazing. Ryan is having a lot of lows like 3.1 but he does not 
go lower ever where on MDI he has gone down to 1.9 wow that was scary. Ryans 
highest number since the pump has been 15 where before he has been 29. So 
for me I love the pump even though it is a lot of work for me right now it 
is worth it for those kinds of numbers. Ryan was so happy last weekend he 
slept till 10:30am never could do this before and when he got up he did not 
have to eat. He has been a much happier son and not so moody. As far as the 
needle in him he does not even feel it.We have had no infections or site 
problems yet. So dont be worried that you are hearing a lot of bad things  
pumping is great but has its times too but it gives your child a normal life 
back. Take care
Lori mom of Ryan
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