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Re: [IP] Weighing food for carb counting

S. Morris wrote:
> How in the heck does weighing something allow you to count the carbs in
> it??????That just sounds crazy.  I'm sure that 48 gms of Lasagna and 48 gms
> of fruit rollups do not weigh the same.  

So tell me, does a ton of lead weigh the same as a ton of feathers ?

I think you're getting confused between weight and volume. Some foods
are dense and heavy and carry a lot of carbs, and others are light and
fluffy and carry fewer carbs.  In addition, all foods are made up of a
variety of ingredients, not all of which are carbs. 

So when you weigh a food, you  have to know what percentage of it is
made up of carbs -- and then multiply the weight of the food by that
percentage. Lasagna may  or may not be equivalent to fruit rollups in
the percentage of carbs (I really don't know) -- but the place to start
would be to find out the percentage of carbs in both foods.

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