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[IP] KPTX - when necessary?

> Just curious...when is a kidney-pancreas transplant necessary?  Does that
> mean you don't use insulin any more?  Are both transplanted at the same
> time?  Sorry, I have just never read anything about this and would like to
> know more.
> Julie
> > Now, I have to reread what I just wrote and follow my own (non-medical)
> > advice for following through with a kidney-pancreas transplant.
> >
> > Jan & Bluda Sue (me: 60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83; Bluda Sue
> > (507c): 11 mos.)

Dialysis begins at 15% kidney function. Mine is now at 23%. I'm not getting
any younger (is anyone?). I REALLY don't want to go on dialysis but may not
have a choice. I also don't want to be unacceptable as far as age. They are
TX-ing older now. I am going through tests (cardiac, teeth, GYN, etc.) and
so far am acceptable.
I will get listed for a SKPTX (single donor kidney/pancreas transplant). It
is safer that way, but they do them separately often - even years apart.  If
one needs a kidney right away many times a live donor will volunteer. Mine
will have to come from a cadaver. I know, someone will die so I may have a
better quality of life - but it will happen whether I get to use the organs
or not so I'm not going to get morbid about it. I'm sure I will grieve for
the family but will rejoice that the availability is there.
    I'm to let a TX center know when I can go to Chicago for their
*orientation* session, if I still want to do it and they accept me, I will
be listed then it may take 1-3 years. As I said, I may have to go on
    If the organs work after TX, you are right, I WILL NOT NEED INSULIN. It
is an overwhelming thought (@@@@@) after almost 50 years!  And I also
realize a TX will NOT help my back, my neck, nor my foot. You can post me
privately if this hasn't sufficiently covered your Q's. I signed up for a
KPTX site such as this and they are helping me like we are helping Charisma.
I have cold feet too. (A CDE told me to put a hat on to warm the feet --

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