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[IP] Anthony...first week on the pump!

Well we've completed our first full week of pumping (you'd think the way I 
wrote that, that I was the one on the pump as well).  I have to say the 
difference in Anthony is wonderful.  Today so far (6:30 PM), his lowest bg 
was 92 and his highest was 113.  He's never had a day like this in the last 
4 1/2 years.  We've also eliminated both of his day time snacks, but still 
including a nighttime snack when we feel it's necessary.

Anthony told me yesterday how much better he is feeling.  His symptoms for 
highs were almost exactly the same as for lows....especially the 
fatigue.  He is so full of energy now.  The problem he was having with hypo 
unawareness has also improved immensely.  The last few months he wasn't 
having any symptoms until he was in the high 30's.  Now he's feeling them 
as low as 72 (and we've only had two in the first week)....what a 
improvement!  We're still fine tuning his basals, but seem to have his 
insulin/carb ratio down pretty well.

Now only if we can get his school district to get their act together.  They 
don't have a pump protocol, and the district doctor is suggesting that to 
solve all their "problems" with Anthony and the pump, is to hire a full 
time aide (babysitter!) to follow him everywhere next year while attending 
middle school.  NO WAY!

Sue....Torrance, CA
mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95....successfully pumping 1 week and 1 day

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