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Re: [IP] Velosulin + Humalog

> What I want to know about Velosulin is what are the advantages of
> using it with the Humalog. Kevin is only getting about 2 maybe 3
> days out of a site and I thought this may help after reading some of
> the posts.
There are no studies that I know of concerning this, but many members 
as well as my daughter use a mix to extend the life of the infusion 
site. Apparently some people have a sensitivity to Humalog that 
causes the site to deterioriate prematurely. Mixing a small amount of 
Velosulin (a few mix R, but this is a miniority) seems to counteract 
this sensitivity. There are some additional benefits for those that 
have other side effects such as "feeling funny after a bolus" and 
gastro problems where the Humalog is a little too quick. The mix 
seems to help these other problems as well without changing the 
apparent onset of the peak (unless you use a lot of V). The 
predominant mix in use is 5 parts of Humalog and 1 part Velosulin. 
This is not a 5:1 ratio, rather a 5:1 mix -- never mind the math 
explanation. The Velosulin is drawn into the syringe first to insure 
a good mix and not leaving a "glob" of Velosulin in the leur lock.

My daughter had used Velosulin for some time before Humalog came out 
so we knew that her sites should last at least 4 days since she 
changes her set twice a week. On Humalog she was lucky to get 1 1/2 
to 2 days rarely into the third day. We tried both 5:1 mix and 4:1 
mix and found the tail a little long on the 4:1. She's been using 
this mix for a couple of years now (maybe three, I've lost count) and 
still changes 2x per week and her sites routinely last the 4 days on 
a 5:1 mix. YMMV

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