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[IP] opposite of 500 bloodsugar-LONG

Boy how one week can make a difference!  I'm still trying to figure out what 
could possibly be going on with Matt. Weds night was an incredibly weird 
night, i'm still trying to recoop.  Matt had an extremely vigourous wrestling 
workout, they are getting ready for District Championships, so it was even 
more vigourous. Any how Matt was due for a set change, so we did that when we 
came home. That's when the low's started.........i had to treat almost every 
1.5hrs through the night. I know i could have set up temp basals , or reduced 
basals altogther ,but i did that once, while out of it, in the middle of the 
night, and lowered basal instead of raising it, so i'm very leary......since 
then i've had to reduce Matt's overall basal and up his carb ratio!  What on 
earth? I contributed the first night to wrestling, then the next day to a 
super site, now today i'm thinking, hey, Matt just started an omega 3 oil 
supplement, in the form of DHA,(docosahexaenoic Acid) and i'm wondering if 
that's causing lower bloodsugars. Anyone here of this?  I did read something 
a long while ago about Flaxseed Oil, which is also omega 3, lowering 
bloodsugar levels. Just putting this out there to see if anyone else had this 
experience. Why did i put Matt on this supplement? I knew you'd ask. I've 
read up on it, and DHA is supposed to help with concentration, Matt has been 
having difficulties in school, so i thought i'd give it a try. I mentioned 
giving it to Matt to his dietician and she said, "sure", "ok".

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