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[IP] Update: Mailbox Insulin

Well, I just got off the phone to PCS in Ft. Worth, Texas. It is THEIR
policy in the winter months to NOT ship insulin with an ice pack because of
the possibility of freezing. Makes sense.
    H-O-W-E-VE-R, IT IS 74*F in northern Indiana today!!  Nice, but not for
insulin in a mailbox!!!! They are putting in a *re-ship* for the insulin -
come to think of it, I haven't paid for it yet - wonder if that matters?  It
will come FedEx, they will call and require a signature. Good. She let me
know that is only because THEY misinformed me.  They want the other back.
Hope they don't ship it to someone else to save THEM $$$.
     They apologized for the 700 frozen strips and said I may reorder
3/25/00. I told her the apology would not help if I went into DKA or a coma.
They also said maybe in MY case mail order isn't the way to go - use local
pharmacy. I said, Yeah, $220 per month as compared to $220 every three
months -- $2,640.00 per year as compared to $880.00 per year. Quite a chunk.
    Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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