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[IP] Hey, Gang, Did you read what she said??

.> After
> 3 weeks on the pump, I've had only 4 lows under 40, for me, that's as many
> as I used to have in 1 day sometimes! I've also only had 4 highs over 200
> 3 wks , miraculous for me!  I use 20 or more units a day less than I used
> MDI and I have more flexibility than I ever had as a child on insulin and
> tablets. <snip> The discouragement fades away when
> good control enpowers you over your life and once the body's normalized
> gets what it needs and learns to yes, even like it:)
> Pixie

That was Pixie writing those *glowing* words. Remember how discouraged and
painful her posts were two weeks ago?  GREAT, Pixie, I am sooooo happy for
you. We knew it would get better!!!
    Jan & Bluda Sue (me: 60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83; Bluda Sue (507c:
11 mos)

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