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[IP] Sil insertion problems - Lisa

The one thing that's really tripping me up is insertions.  I'm using the silhouettes, which were recommended 'cause I'm on the thin side and am very athletic, but I'm finding them really painful to insert.  Ice kind of helps, and the pain wouldn't be that big a deal in itself.  The big problem is that, almost every time so far, I've checked my sugars every hour or so after putting on a new set, and ended up having to reinsert within 4 hours because I obviously haven't been getting insulin.  Usually, I do okay on the second try, but this seems to be by random luck, and I'd like a more reliable method.  I don't want my sugars up liek this 2-3 times a week, nor to be using up sets at this rate, nor to have a gut that looks and feels like killer bees have recently nested on it.
Are you leaving the old set (the second try one, I guess) in for a while AFTER you do the change?  A recent thread on this indicated that many people find their sugar levels maintaining pretty well instead of climbing right after a set change by doing this.  The reasoning is that when you remove the set  a) you may have some "insulin leakage" occur at he old site, so insulin that should have stayed in your system is not there; and  b) the trauma to the tissue upon set removal may decrease absorbtion in that area, interfering with your use of the insulin that is in that neighborhood.  I know that, once I started leaving the old set in for a few hours after I had already hooked up to the new one, I didn't have those highs occur anymore.  If you've been doing "double the insertions" due to this trend, that may be contributing to the pain you're experiencing...I'm tensing up just thinking about it, & I know that when my muscles tense, insertion is more difficult.
Have you tried inserting without ice?  I know a lot of people use it very successfully...but for some, it hurts that way.  When my mom was getting her ears pierced (many moons ago), they used ice to numb the first one...it took forever & was extremely painful.  For the second one, she said "No ice!"  They just pushed the needle straight through & she said it was done instantly & didn't hurt at all!  She did mine & just about everyone else's among my family & friends the second way - no ice, no pain, no problems.  Don't know how that would work for you, but it's worth considering!
Also, I'm another one of those "promote a shallower angle" types.  My trainer had me learn using a 15 degree angle, & it's always worked beautifully.  I know you said you'd tried that without successful results - but if you try leaving in the old set & discover that that's the area where the problems were happening, you might want to give a shallow angle another try, to see if it works out any better for you.
Best of Luck!