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Re: [IP] Old folks - type I, type II

Michael wrote:
> Yes, it matters as you get older. Medicare does not cover pump stuff
> for type II's

Hmmmm, I know it won't BUY pumps for Type 2's, but I wonder if it'll
cover supplies for those who go onto Medicare already pumping.

Type 2's usually get the shaft when it comes to diabetes care --
nowadays, insurances limit how many strips they can have (Medicare
originally limited it to 25 strips per MONTH -- I dunno if that has been
changed), and for a long time, insurances would only buy meters for Type
1's, not for Type 2's. 

That kind of attitude is OK, I guess, if the person is on their
deathbed, and prevention of complications doesn't matter, but there are
a lot of Type 2's out there who were diagnosed YOUNG, and who deserve as
good a quality life as medical science KNOWS how to give them!

Hate the discrimination within the professional diabetes community!
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