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Re: [IP] dorm women cycles phenomena and puberty


Just read your post about this, I also know that Michael has posted about
this too. We have three females in our family, me(4?), Eve's older sister
(18.5), and Eve (12.5). We all have period, but none of us have them in the
same week. I can't even remember us ever having them at the same time. What
makes some females in the same household have period at the same time and
some not?

Just to keep on the subject of diabetes, Eve went skiing (in western WI) in
the rain today (class field trip) and took her pump off before she went
skiing. She was off the pump for about 1 hour and check her bg's and she was
91. Isn't the pump great?

Deborah mom to Eve 12.5
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

> JUST to confirm this whole weird thing of moms and daughters sharing
> "hormonal changes in the air"...
> in my bedtime routine...lo and behold...guess what occurred?

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