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Re: [IP] discouraged pre-pumper........

At 10:28 PM 2/24/2000  charisma wrote:
 >I am REALLY starting to lose my nerve here. I am beginning to be freaked
 >out thinking about this all-the-time-needle deal.  I know so many of you
 >do this for your kids, and none of you sound particularly sadistic.
 >LOL  But I am starting to feel awfully squimish.

First, remember that we have almost 2,100 members here. You are only seeing 
the posts from a small percentage of them. Second, not everyone is having 
constant problems. The great majority are happily pumping away and enjoying 
our new found freedom.

You'll find most of your questions answered during the first few weeks of 
pumping. Actually doing it is much different than just listening to others. 
Most of all the things that you read here will make a lot more sense once 
you are actually pumping. They just sound scarier to you now, because you 
don't have any hands-on experience yet. It'll take a number of weeks to get 
the basals set and for you to get used to the new routines. There is always 
a bit of a learning curve for something new. Once you get things figured 
out, you'll have the usual good days and bad days, but overall it is 
usually much better than before.

If you went on a similar list for just MDI diabetics you'd hear a lot of 
similar problems plus a lot more. Just remember that everyone is different 
and that we have lots of children who are successfully pumping.

Think positive. You can do it. Just don't get so anxious about it that you 
get upset by everyone's questions and problems.


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