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[IP] discouraged pre-pumper........


The way I see it, the things you must do to obtain tight 
control are well worth the benefits your son will gain.  
Tight control will hopefully keep your child from 
developing long term complications he may face if he is 
NOT in control (blindness, kidney failure, amputation, 
neuropathy, etc.).  So if that means you have to work at 
that tight control.. well than that is what you have to 
do.  Those of us who have DM or have a child with DM, do 
it every day.  It sounds like things weren't really any 
better on MDI.  I think you are worrying about things 
that may or may not happen too, just because you read 
about them on this list.  Remember YMMV - your (child's) 
mileage may vary.  Not everyone will experience the same 
things.  Have you also read about the good things that 
people mention on this list?  Just my opinion but I think 
if you give pumping a chance things will get better.

Good luck,
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