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Hi again Charisma,

Your fears are normal, but overblown.  You are taking all of our collective worst experiences on the pump and lumping them all together in your mind.  The truth is, most of us don't write all that much when things are going well, but rather when we have a question, an insurance problem, a site problem, an unexplained high blood sugar problem, etc., etc.

I've been on the pump for only 45 days.  I had some initial site irritation problems, and definitely some trouble adjusting basal rates.  I think that for many of us, the first 2 weeks was tough.  But after 45 days I'm almost settling into a routine.  My average blood sugar has dropped from the 170 range to the 140s, I have fewer low blood sugar reactions than pre-pump, and far fewer highs (I computed my averages for last year during the same 45 day period and this year:  last year, 45% readings were normal, 13% low, 42% high; now 65% readings normal, 10% low, 25% high--that's a huge difference--and much of this time I was using the wrong basal rates and still adjusting them!).

I still hate having something attached to my body 24 hours a day, but I love the greater energy I have more hours of the day, and the greater control I can have over this disease.

Don't lose heart...I strongly suggest you choose the pump for your child--I only wish it was available 35 years ago when I became a diabetic.



insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

Our appt for eval for pump has been moved up to Mar 7.  That gives me
just about 2 weeks to get my thoughts in order.
Does anyone have any experience with this?  I still have yet to see a
pump or infusion kit for real.  I have seen the advertisment videos for
the disetronic, I am reading my "Pumping Insulin" book, I am reading
every letter that comes through here(not digest version!)
And I am getting REALLY COLD FEET!

Exhausted, Scared Momma of 6 yr old Paddy