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Re: [IP] bubbles and that long, 5.0 unit PRIME

> The priming does more than move insulin through the set (I do that part by
hand, anyway).  The 5 unit prime is used as mor to take the slack out of the
mechanism and posture of the pump will have little to do with that.  FWIW, I
watch the end, and when insulin forms a drop at the tip of the insertion
needle, I stop the prime and insert the set.  This morning, I stopped it at
3.1 units.

Actually, I lay the pump and tubing on a flat surface and watch for the
drops to appear while I prepare my site.  I've picked the tubing up to look
closer at it, as well, and you're right, position during priming doesn't
seem to affect it. (Thankfully, or we'd have to make sure the tubing was
always above the pump.  :-))


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