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[IP] running scared

In a message dated 02/25/2000 3:15:29 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Exhausted, Scared Momma of 6 yr old Paddy
 Charisma >>
Relax!  You are getting worked up over nothing.  Is your son type 1 or type 
2?  Or I hate the term "type weird", cuz it makes "them" somehow sound 
defective (which they have no control over) but which is he?  Sounds like you 
guys have really run the high and I can't imagine the damage that he will 
experience if he continues at that pace!  Keytones EVERY morning? UGH!  I'm 
telling you, it doesn't sound like it could get any worse than where you are 

I don't understand exactly what you are saying about leaving the needle in 
all the time.  I know there is one infusion set that does, but most don't.  
It uses a needle for infusion and then you remove it!  I have only done 3 
infusion sites (since Dec.) for my 11 year old and that was because it was in 
the butt area.  She does them all (uses micros, with the soft-serter - an 
insertion device) and says they don't hurt at all!  The first month was 
pretty rocky but since then it has been wonderful!  

I know he is young, but he is growing and learning.  Just as you teach him 
and he learns other things you will teach him about the pump and diabete's 
control.  You will teach him to be responsible for himself.  He will learn, 
these kids have a sense that this is a bit more important than getting up and 
washing their face, or combing their hair!  It takes time, patience, love and 
lots of hugs!  He will do great and so will you!

Susan :-)
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