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[IP] dorm women cycles phenomena and puberty

JUST to confirm this whole weird thing of moms and daughters sharing
"hormonal changes in the air"...

geneva high as a kite all last week.  had to up basals about 40%.

last night she crashed at 12:30 am.  I happened to have been up doing
research and tested her.  after correcting with juice and suspending pump
and then re-adjusting basals downwards...I went to bed.

in my bedtime routine...lo and behold...guess what occurred?

my period !

all week long, geneva and  I were joking about how maybe she was high
because I was due to get my period.  I kept saying,  well,  we will see if
you crash and I start.

and of course...what happened?

mom to geneva, age ten going on eleven and who is not having periods yet,
but who seems to be getting ready,  hormonally and with BG levels!

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