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[IP] RE: eye doctors appt.

   The problem you are describing does *not* sound to me like the problem
that can sometimes occur when someone starts the pump.

   (You wrote: >...I've been having some problems with my eyes now for about
6 months,and it's been brushed off as "dry eyes," ...<snip>.. around 5 pm.
my eyes get all blurry and hurt andthere is nothing i can do about it. drops
don't help...<")

    Because wild BG swings are believed to worsen retinopathy, the growth of
poorly formed blood vessels in the eye, a dramatic improvement is likewise
believed to intensify that. For patients with retinopathy who go on the pump
doctors may suggest a person aim for a more gradual improvement in overall
BGs to try to avoid the problem.
    At any rate, it is temporary (Acknowledged that "temporary" is small
consolation for those who have to walk around a few months unable to see out
of an eye while we wait for a hemorrhage to be absorbed) and eventually
those better BGs can help halt the new blood vessel formation that endangers
an eye.
   I have retinopathy (treated with all the laser possible and a vitrectomy
prior to the pump) and have had no ill effects from the pump, and actually
have seen an improvement since I used to have blinding hemorrhages every
several months or so. So far since starting the pump I haven't had any (but
knock on wood). But I think I recall that list member Sara Falconer
suffered a worsening of her retinopathy and you  may want to get in touch
with her because her information on what could go wrong would be more

(and you said: >the doctor still has no clue what is wrong or
how to fix it...<snip>.... he also made acomment that pumps sometimes cause
eye problems, that he has seen it manytimes in his patients... he doesn't
seem all that thrilled with the pump either. ..<snip>...why can't he figure
out what is wrong
with me, and why is he anti-pump. he says my BG's are jumping around too
much. excuse me? they are the best by far they have been in years... he
commented that jumping from 90 to 130 was too big and it may be causing a

You know, he's an ophthalmologist (right? you better not be seeing an
optometrist about this) so he's good at eyes. He doesn't know diabetes very
well. I have an ophthalmologist who I'm very pleased with -- because he made
it so I could see 8^) -- But I sigh every time his assistant asks me, per
his instructions, what my last BG test was ("Why?" I ask her suspiciously.
"Because we need to know how your control is." --You IPers know that one  BG
test taken out of its context of CHO intake, meal composition, exercise that
may have preceded, time of day, state of health and time of the monthly
reveals little if anything about control -- at least for someone relying on
an outside source of insulin. )
   If you're otherwise happy with the guy, you can just give his pump
comments the weight they deserve (.01 grams).
    Just to figure out the problem you are having now, though, it might be
useful to get an opinion from another ophthalmologist. He or she might have
experience or thoughts in another direction. It couldn't hurt to have a
fresh pair of eyes look at you, especially since they guy you are seeing
seems to have decided it's your pump and he's not going to let go of that
notion probably. You might want to make it clear that your problem precedes
your going on the pump.


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