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[IP] Re: Charisma's concerns

A general announcement to the list from a lurking soon-to-be 
contributor.  My five year old has just worn a "dummy" pump with her 
first infusion set for three days and we have fallen in love with the 
concept!  Now we're waiting for the insurance company and Disetronic 
to get our order placed, and we hope to do our training and start 
pumping over spring break in March.  We are so excited!!!

Now a note to Charisma from another scared mom:  One thing that 
really helped with my fears about the insertion set was to wear one 
myself for three days!  Get the doc--or another pumper--to put one in 
your belly and a lot of your worries will disappear!  Paddy will be 
impressed and will LEARN a lot more as you pretend to be a diabetic 
and a pumper.  That's really how I began the process of convincing my 
daughter that the pump was a good idea--I taped the tubing to my 
beeper and we "bolused" for every carb I ate, while she had to put up 
with her multiple shots for the same meals.  I think the fact that 
she watched me with my set two months ago has made a lot of 
difference in how easily she accepted the set Dr. Paul put into her 
this week.  She's now asking every day, "When do I get my real pump?" 
Kinda hated to remove the set last night.

And don't think of it as a "needle" stuck in you or your kid.  If you 
use the Tender we've tried out, or the micro we're hoping to use, the 
needle is only there for the initial insertion.  It is pulled right 
out and all that's left is the tiny, soft plastic cannula (tube).  We 
used Emla numbing cream for Annie's first insertion, so she felt 
nothing at all, but the doc didn't offer that cream to me and I 
honestly wasn't sure when he'd stuck me!  And Annie and I both forgot 
we were wearing one over our trial periods.

I know we'll have lots of questions soon, but just wanted to tell 
someone of our progress, and to offer what advice I could to another 
mother.  I am also a sole caregiver five days of the week, so I do 
empathize with the exhaustion and the fear.  But let's go for it! 
Our kids will surely feel better on the pump than with this 
frustrating system of shots, right?  Just think, no more NPH to haunt 

Mama of Annie (age 5, dx'd Christmas 97, and soon to be a real pumper)
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