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[IP] ENCOURAGED pre-pumper........

Thank you so much!  Between you and a few others, I have gotten quite a
"cheering section" response this morning!  I feel terrific!  
I sat down and asked Paddy if he was weirded out about the needle being
in his stomach all the time.  He said.  "no" Just like that.  No emotion
in his face except surprise Iwould even ask.  I guess he is getting used
to the idea cause I am acting as if it WILL be happening.  Now, whether
this actually plays out when we have to stick a set IN.....!  LOL
I am thinking of taking Dawn's suggestion and wiggling a regular tummy
shot around a bit for him to get  the idea, but I am gonna do it to
myself first-blerg!  LOL
OK, he is up HUNGRY!  Nive change from not hungry but still have to
eat.  I a can only imagine how much nicer yet it will be when he CAN
miss a meal, rather than me engineering it so he is hungrier at
All who've written have been so kind.  You've all mentioned how well Iam
already doing, adn that means SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much after all this
time with a doc office that never wanted to know any of this.  I feel
smart this morning!  Maybe I'll go tackle place value in math again. 
But I probably don't feel THAT smart! RFLO

Charisma :)
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