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Re: [IP] discouraged pre-pumper........

Hi, Charisma,

Even though I didn't raise a DIABETIC child, I nevertheless was the sole
custodial parent of a child who is now 26 years old and survived the
experience!!!  :)

The first thing that strikes me is that NO ONE knows Paddy like you do
-- in the sense that YOU'RE the one who lives with him and observes his
day-to-day life and takes care of his needs.

For that reason, you MUST be a full member of Paddy's treatment team. So
if you can find a better endo; CDE or dietitian, do so, BUT if you
can't, then you have to control the situation yourself.

What I mean by that is, and I HATE to be so devious, they only need to
hear what they want to hear. There is such a thing as intelligent
non-compliance with doctors' "orders".  (There even a chapter in the
Merck Manual that discusses it!). 

Dr. God Complex doesn't need to know how many shots a day you're giving
Paddy, nor exactly what he's eating or when -- all he needs to know is
Paddy's numbers. If he gives suggestions that are
outdated/unwise/unworkable, there's no reason you can't say "I
understand" -- that doesn't mean you're going to DO what he says -- it
just means you understand what he says. But he's JUST the consultant,
NOT the care-giver, and if you can find a better way to handle Paddy's
numbers, then go for it! Just don't persist with a technique that
DOESN'T work!!!!!!

The reason you need a doc is to prescribe insulin and any other
necessary meds, and to order lab tests, and to write up hospital admits
when necessary. Most of the docs can handle an emergency well enough to
get the patient out of the hospital alive -- good enough.

And by the way, I can't see ANY reason to put a 6-year-old on Glucophage
-- I'm not even sure it's been approved for pediatric use! He's gonna
have diabetes and LIVE for a long time, and you don't want to risk any
long-term side effects if you can possibly avoid that risk. 

As far as the needle in the body -- most of us use the type where you
take the introducer needle OUT -- and all that's left in the body is a
thin Teflon cannula. And honestly, if it's in right, you can't feel it
at all! 

All the parents here can tell you that raising a diabetic child is NOT
easy, but it CAN be done successfully -- and *I* can tell you that what
you need to do for yourself is give yourself a break -- figure out some
contingency plans so that other people CAN care for Paddy and so YOU can
have a few hours to yourself. If YOU burn out, then Paddy has no one, so
the best care you can give him is to care for yourself!

Good luck!

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