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Re: [IP] eye doctors appt.

I am NOT on insulin as my son has the diabetes. 
But I am having similar problems with my eyes and any reasonable
My RX has not changed, there is no physical damage to my eyes, and they
did the Schirmer's (spelling?) test and dry eye was ruled out as the
problem. However, despite a diagnosis for it, I have permanent blurry
vision that has changed my life.  I am looking for low vision helpers,
and I can no longer read with both eyes open. I am 31.

Dec 17 was the day I woke up with it.  It has not cleared since except
for three hours one morning in January when i thought it was finally all

I have seen "the best" and the "best of the best" with no results.
Have you been told to treat the "dry eye" with a warm rag over the eyes
for 5 minutes three times a day.  That cleared the"dry eye" symptoms
they thought they were seeing, but not the blurriness.
If either of us find anything out, lets be sure to remember to share! 
Maybe we can solve this together!
Until then, THANK G-d for the option to increase font on the computer!

Charisma :)
P.S. I am just reaing in the "Pumping Insulin" where it says that, for
unknown reasons, existing eye problems can be exacerbated in the first
few months of pumping, but to remember this is likely temporary.  Wonder
if this is what he means re the pump?

> well...i've been having some problems with my eyes now for about 6 months,
> and it's been brushed off as "dry eyes," which maybe it really is but i
> need to find something to do about it.
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