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Re: [IP] New insurance fun

At 11:42 AM 2/24/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Just had to share this.
>My new insurance company (AETNA), which paid for my insulin pump without
>any problems (amazing!), has now decided not to pay for the insulin
>without physician preauthorization!!
>They paid for all my test strips but rejected the prescription for
>Humalog (9 vials for 3 months)!!  I had to call my doctor today (who
>wrote the original prescription), and he must send in documentation to
>authorize it, and they will get back to me within 3-4 days!!!  The
>problem is not in the quantity--the problem is with Humalog itself!
>This is too unreal, it is almost humorous!  (Thankfully I'm not on my
>last bit of Humalog, or it would not be humorous at all!)
>Are there any medical doctors associated with these HMOs???  Don't they
>know that most people on insulin pumps are also on humalog??
Todd, another perfect example of how HMO's are playing Doctor.

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