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[IP] discouraged pre-pumper


Things will get better.  I have been listening to the comments on this
list - they are far more encouraging than discouraging.  Yes we will have
problems with "bad sites", but the benefits of good sugar control will far
outweigh that.

I agree with the suggestion to try to find outside support...here or through
a local pump support group.  If you cannot get into the clinic you want,
don't limit yourself to the only other "endo".  If he is not someone you
trust, why waste your money or endanger your child?  Shop around for someone
you can trust.  It doesn't have to be a specialist.  I got great help from a
physicians assistant who knew diabetes.  And I refused to return to an endo
who didn't believe in insulin therapy for diabetics - even though he was on
the HMO approved provider list. [Another horror story.]

As someone who grew up with diabetes, pre MDI, home blood tests, etc, I
honestly believe you and Paddy will prefer the pump to the strict regime of
MDI.  He will have the freedom to be a kid with diabetes rather than the
diabetic kid.   Diabetes defined who I was as a child - what and when I ate,
what I did and did not do, etc.

You and Paddy can succeed.  Good luck and keep trying.


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