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Subject: Re: Subject: [IP] Re: Found a solution

Yes, Jenna figures her breakfast carbs, boluses 1 unit for each 10 grams of
carbs, THEN an ADDITIONAL 0.6 units to cover the excitement (?) of going to
school.  We found that her sugars spike up just from the mere act of going
to school, even if she has a protein only breakfast.  But it doesn't happen
on weekends or non-school days.  It really is just something about school.
I don't understand it, 'cause she likes school, is  a good student, doesn't
seem stressed about school.  Michael wrote to me that it happened to Lily
also, though she required a much bigger jump start when she was early


>uses Michael Robinton's idea of a "jump start" - she takes 0.6
> units with breakfast, regardless of what she's eating

do you mean that she boluses an ADDITIONAL 0.6 along with her breakfast food

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