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Re: [IP] discouraged pre-pumper........


It sounds like the anxiety goblins were really going at you!  Some of this
may help, please ignore what doesn't:

It sounds like you are worried about the new doctor's reaction to you and
Paddy and Paddy's diabetes.  Please remember that you have a lot going for
1)  you are homeschooling Paddy, which means that you will be able to keep
close tabs on what/when he eats, exercises and tests in a way that wouldn't
be possible if he had to go off to school every day.
2)  you are committed to the idea that diabetes is an understandable
condition, and have taken steps (like joining this list and reading and
applying what you've found out) that have had positive results.
3)  it sounds like you will have records of his readings both before and
after you started the new regimen, which tends to impress doctors

Heck, I'm impressed with the two of you!

One thing that may help with the new doc is to tell him about the history in
a framework of "here's what we've tried, and these are the results."  I've
had doctors get defensive on behalf of the whole medical profession (a very
human reaction) if I framed things as 'This is what the other doc told me
and this is why I scrapped it'.  Probably common sense, but hard to do under

Try to bear in mind that people on this list are sharing their particular
problems/challenges, and that it is >2000 people reporting and asking advice
on problems that are happening 1 at a time to them.  If you were on the
chicken pox support list, you could quickly develop a long list of problems
to worry about, but PMWV (Paddy's mileage WILL vary).

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and Paddy, both now and after
the clinic appointment.  You are doing the best you can, and your best is
pretty impressive.  Hang in there.

Kathy Trondsen

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