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[IP] eye doctors appt.

well...i've been having some problems with my eyes now for about 6 months,
and it's been brushed off as "dry eyes," which maybe it really is but i
need to find something to do about it. it's gotten to the point where i
can't see starting at around 5 pm. my eyes get all blurry and hurt and
there is nothing i can do about it. drops don't help...
anyway, so i went to my opthamologist yesterday. first off, i had that
beautiful question from the nurse "are you still on insulin?" which i of
course just kind of smiled at and said "forever or until there is a cure."
sheesh...ignorance. anyway... the doctor still has no clue what is wrong or
how to fix it. he thinks my lenses are too strong so i'm going back to an
old prescription but i really don't think that is it. he also made a
comment that pumps sometimes cause eye problems, that he has seen it many
times in his patients... he doesn't seem all that thrilled with the pump
either. this is the eye doctor that every endo in my area prescribes...he's
like "the king of eye doctors..." so why can't he figure out what is wrong
with me, and why is he anti-pump. he says my BG's are jumping around too
much. excuse me? they are the best by far they have been in years... he
commented that jumping from 90 to 130 was too big and it may be causing a
problem.... i don't know what to think. my A1C is 6.2 and my average on my
machine is 130. i hardly ever am about 180 and i feel much better...with
the exeption of my eyes...
just needed to vent... since i still have no solution... have to go back
next week if my old prescription doesn't help. *sigh*

Erinn (pumping a little over 2 months)
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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