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Re: [IP] discouraged pre-pumper........

In a message dated 2/25/00 1:32:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<   I NEED my son to be well. 
We all wand our children to be well, healthy, happy children! So this is a 
normal reaction
We have wasted too much time already. 
The time we spend learning is well spent when our children are having normal 
I am exhausted, and I am not sure I can keep up this pace 
You, being a single mom and not having 24/7 support (my hubby is my support 
therefore he gets the brunt of my frustration) has to be hard on you, seek 
out other mom's  w/ children w/ D.  Maybe you both can support each other - 
give each other a break!  

AND fight with bad sites  - they happen but do not they happen every day - We 
havent had them every day - Kap has not had 1 yet, but I am sure there will 
be a time when he does, and we will be prepared!
 and changing it 2-3 times to get it right, Kap has had to change his site 1 
time within a 2 hr time period, I would compare this to injections and say 
with injection if he ate within this time period he would still have to have 
2 injections. Either way, he has 2 injections.  Only with pumping the last 
injection lasted 3 days.  Most of the time we find tape being the issue, and 
once he found what tapes and method worked for him all is better.  However, 
the 1st week pumping saline, Kap change sites every day for 7 days.  But is 
was better than 4-6 shots a day.  It was our tape method and we were using a 
different infusion set. A lot of experimenting to see what worked for Kap.
and bubbles, Kap uses the Disestronic pump - and MM micros - he has not had 
any bubbles that we had to prime out (most people say bolus) but they are 
primed out - 2 different functions - some do disconnect and use bolus mode to 
prime them out, however you can stop the pump put it in prime mode therefore 
getting the same results - just using a different function. 
Bolus - small release of insulin units- so if the air bubble is near the 
disconnect part - just disconnect and bolus a few units.
Prime - a function used to fill the infusion set with insulin before 
connecting to the body.  Or used to prime out an air bubble.
and infections, again, Kap has 1 site infection, nothing major that 
neosporaine couldnt handle, yet I am sure if left unattended as with anything 
- an infection could get worse.and .......
You are correct, before going on pump, You and you alone will have to be 
ready to face whatever comes your way.  Just as you have done with 
injections.  The rollercoaster is always moving and with Patty is sounds like 
it stays on top.  With Kap he would be 30-500 in 4 hrs time everyday.  
Kap has been pumping for a month now, and No he hasn't been sitting in class 
at school w/ 30s but he has 300s a couple of time, because he forgot to 
bolus.  And I havent had to wake him up to give injections to bring down a 
high bgs. I just push the buttons on the pump.  
Pumping is not a cure!
It just make dealing with D a little less demanding in life ONCE the kinks 
are worked out.   Kap wouldn't go back to injections, he enjoys pumping.  And 
he is a different child as a result of pumping, because he feels better, 
thinks better, and has control over insulin dosages and not the other way 
around.  And I must say, I enjoy his company more (MOOD SWINGS) and he enjoys 
life more with pumping.
As with all things in life, there is a learning curve, some know their bodies 
better than others, children are forever changing, and pumping allows the 
parents to keep up with those changes.
Good Luck with your son, no matter which way you decide.
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping
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