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Re: [IP] Xrays

I would like to respond to the X-ray questions.....I am an Interventional 
Radiology nurse and work in a high X-ray environment everyday for 
sometimes16-20hours.  Because this is where I work, I cannot remove my pump 
during radiation exposures because it is a continuous exposure...I wear a 
lead apron at all times when in the room with the X-rays and I have never had 
a problem....and because this is not a perfect world...I have been in the 
room when someone accidentally steps on the peddle which "fires" an exposure 
and my pump has never had a problem, even unprotected during those rare 
instances.  Also, in response to the comment that the techs all leave the 
room when the exposure is given even though they "are not in the line of 
fire"....just to help you understand...people that work with X-rays everyday 
for their career have to worry about an accumulation effect of an 
occupational dose of radiation as opposed to a small exposure dose that a 
patient receives.  We are wearing radiation badges at all times which we must 
keep a record of our accumulated exposures...if this does is too high...we 
not only run health risks but also may be pulled off the job until the dose 
effect has come down a bit.......so that is why we leave the room during 
X-rays..we're not trying to be rude...<grin>

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