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[IP] MSA account

In a message dated 02/24/2000 2:33:49 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Has anyone here ever been on a MSA(Medical savings account) plan? My 
 is considering it, does it benefit a diabetic to be on such a plan.
We use a MSA account.  However, we participated before Allie was ever dx'd.  
We just figure out what we think we will spend (out of pocket) and put that 
in an MSA account.  The benefit is that it is pre-taxed dollars, so you get 
more for your money!  Ours can be used for dentist, eye care and medical, so 
if we get close to Dec. and haven't used it, we can always get a new pair of 
glasses or find something to spend it on.  

The past 2 years we actually went with a "catastrophic" insurance plan.  
(Crazy as it sounds it was more beneficial and cost less)  The plan itself 
cost my husband nothing.  He paid no premiums, where with the other plan he 
paid $180 a month for the family.  The deductible is $2000, per person and 
$6000 per family.  After the deductible every penny is paid, 100%.  Well, 
Allison for us is the major medical expense, so we figure if we put $2000 in 
MSA (doesn't actually cost us that much ) we have saved money.  Otherwise we 
would have paid $2160($180 X 12) in premiums and $500 deductible before 
everything was covered!  Our prescriptions are also covered with a co-pay.  
So as crazy as it sounds this was more cost efficient for us!

Susan (Mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 - pumping  since 12/99)
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