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Re: [IP] C-Peptide to know T-1 or T-2

JHughey wrote:
> What matters is probably treatment methods and peace of mind. A C-Peptide
> test will give the answer if T-1 or T-2.

It's not quite that simple.  People with LADA, which is a slow-onset
Type 1 of adulthood, often retain a significant insulin secretion for a
long time. So their C-Peptide would be too high for a Type 1, yet they
still would have an auto-immune reaction going, and should be on

Testing for antibodies, in the early stages of diabetes might be useful,
and I suspect it will become more common as time goes on. 

Depending on the presentation, most doctors take an empirical approach
-- try it, and if it doesn't work, try something else. 

That is to say that if a patient presents as thin, and in DKA, of
course, they're going to use insulin, but if a patient presents as
overweight, with no ketones, they're going to try diet and exercise
first, then orals in various combinations, and insulin if none of the
above work. 

A lot of us fence-straddlers have finally figured out that knowing our
type matters FAR less than getting good treatment -- whatever it takes
to control the BGs is what we should be using. 

For me, that turned out to be insulin -- about 20 - 25 units a day --
for others, it might be something else. 

And I got the labs to prove it -- A1c 6.1; Cholesterol 182, HDL 64, LDL
78, and Triglycerides 200. FANTASTIC, given that my cholesterol was in
the 300's when I was diagnosed!!!!!  :) :) :)
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