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Help, guys.  I've been on a Minimed 508 for about two weeks now, and most stuff seems to be going well.  This is largely due to the many helpful hints I've gleaned from this list, as my CDE is almost completely unavailable (nice but overworked). 
The one thing that's really tripping me up is insertions.  I'm using the silhouettes, which were recommended 'cause I'm on the thin side and am very athletic, but I'm finding them really painful to insert.  Ice kind of helps, and the pain wouldn't be that big a deal in itself.  The big problem is that, almost every time so far, I've checked my sugars every hour or so after putting on a new set, and ended up having to reinsert within 4 hours because I obviously haven't been getting insulin.  Usually, I do okay on the second try, but this seems to be by random luck, and I'd like a more reliable method.  I don't want my sugars up liek this 2-3 times a week, nor to be using up sets at this rate, nor to have a gut that looks and feels like killer bees have recently nested on it.
Stuff I'm already doing:  I'm avoiding the beltline and the belly button areas.  I had been trying to insert the introducer needle at the 30 degree angle the manual recommends, and then I read online that some of you recommend an even shallower angle, but this seems more painful without being more effective. 
Do you guys have any other ideas? 
Yours in total gratitude--