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[IP] fastfood hypo

>>>Jeanie wrote:
Here's a pre-pump, two-shot a day experience that I 
laugh at now, that wasn't the least bit funny then.

  This day from hell came and I couldn't make it to McDonald's for lunch
until 11:45.  There were lines 10 people deep at all registers and I was
alone.  Of course, I chose the WRONG line.  It was 
sooo slow.  Each passing minute sent me crashing further.  I get real
when low.  I make it up to the front of the line at 12:00 and must not have

had a bg of higher than 30.  I scream at the poor kid to give me a quarter 
pounder NOW, and tell him to take the money out of my wallet, because I 
can't.  He is SOOO confused.  His eyes roll back in his head and he hits
floor, THUD, and starts jerking.  He was having an epaleptic attack,
brought on by all the stress and me screaming at him.  Everyone is so 
concerned with him the whole place comes to a standstill.  I continue 
screaming that I need my quarter pounder NOW or I will start having an
like him too.

They gave it to me just to shut me up.  Oh, the nasty glares because I
care about him.  It's just then that my husband shows up to eat with me.  
What's all the fuss about, honey???<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

That was the BEST diabetes story I have ever heard!!!!!I was ROFL!!!!!!!! 
It sounded like a scene from a comedy movie.  I have had a hypo episode in
a fastfood restuarant too, (Taco Bell) but nowhere as funny as this.  Glad
you lived to tell about it.

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